Thursday, February 28, 2008

Chapter One

This picture shows a picture of a Yale University Football player. Both Nick, the narrator the the book and Tom, his cousins husband went to school together at Yale and were very great athletes. In the chapter they describe how great of football players they were. This is all described in the second chapter of The Great Gatsby.

Quotes: Chapter 1

"Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone, just remember that not all people in this world have not had the advantages that you had" (5).

"reserving judgement is a matter of infinite hope" (7). This quote is said by our narrator Nick Caraway. In this quote he is telling the reader that you can try to refrain from judging people but it is unlikely that you will not do this.

"I hope she’ll be a fool—that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool." This quote is said by Daisy this quote explains how she hopes her infant daughter will be. She is speaking this to Daisy and Jordan. This gives us an idea of Daisy's personality"(17).

"I know, Ive been everywhere and Ive seen everything and done everything...sophisticated. God im sophisticated" (22). This quote is said by Daisy as her child was just brought into the world. This again shows how Daisy's personality is. She appear to be very self absorbed.

Symbolism- In the first chapter in the book we see that there come about many differ ant references to color from the very beginning. It seems to be very confusing why he author, F. Scott Fitzgerald uses these color terms. As we read more toward the end of the chapter we can see that he uses these color references for differ ant characters in the novel. For example we learn that Toms color is red. Red can symbolize many different things. One thing that we came to a conclusion about is red is a very bold color. The color red relates to Toms personality, Toms has a very bold personality. Daisy seems to have differ ant colors that are used for her like white and blue. White seems to symbolize softness and elegance, and blue symbolizes sadness, depression and loneliness. Both colors symbolize Daisy's character. Gatsby's color in the chapter is gold and silver. Gold symbolizes wealth, power and dominance. These are all things that Gatsby has in his life. Silver represents boldness, weatlh, classiness and again power. Again things that his character portrays. The author does a great job using the symbolism of color to represent different main characters in the chapter. You will see many more references thoughthe course of this novel.

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